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Making a flanged Euro sham with zipper


This was a project for one of my designers, Bruce Palmer LLC in which I was working with a gorgeous silk and embroidered overlay fabric from Kravet.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a project too far and between to remember how I did it the last time, so I decided that this time I would take pictures to jar my memory!

What you are looking at here is the back section cut out and serged all around the edges and then the flange piece cut out and serged on all edges.  My zipper is sandwiched between the two pieces and ready to be sewn. 


 This picture shows the back of the sham with all four flanges sewn at the sides.  The bottom right corner is a finished miter and the other corners are waiting to be mitered.  You can see where the zipper is located between the back and flange.  Do this for the front as well but omit the zipper and you’re ready to sew the front to the back.


 Here is a close up of the zipper inserted.

 After sewing the front and back together, turn inside out and press.  Then stitch in the ditch at the inner flange seams.   You  now have a finished sham with a zipper so you can stuff with a down/feather insert. 

 This is the finished back of the sham showing zipper placed at flange seam.  It will be hidden when the pillow is placed upright and laying on bottom flange on bed.


 Happy Sewing!