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To market we go….L’Isle sur la Sorgue

Sunday was a very relaxing kind of day and the activity for today was to go to the famed market known for its antiques dealers.  There are approximately 300 stalls at this market so we did not cover the whole thing, nor could we in the time allotted.

L’Isle sur la Sorgue is a canal town and is very picturesque.  The photo below was just one of many sights like this I saw while there.


After the time and place to meet back was set, my buddy Beth and I set out to see the sights.  My goal was to find some linen shams that matched the sheets that my now deceased mother in law gave me years ago.  In fact, I had blogged about it here back in 2011.

As we started out, this red building, La Maison Rouge, caught my eye.  It stood out in stark contrast to the white buildings it was surrounded by.


The color and size of these mini eggplants distracted me and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


There were many vendors selling lavender, and this bunch was such a sight for the eyes and the nose as its tender aroma made me stop and inhale…..heady from the scent and sight, I was able to continue on.  I was also wondering how the lavender along my driveway at home was doing because before I left for this trip it was all green and starting to get buds and I was afraid I would miss the first bloom.


And then this!  Loving fabric the way I do, I couldn’t resist this shot.  What a wonderful way to display the fabrics for sale.  On further inspection of this picture recently, I discovered the beautiful lavender fabric, thinking what I could be doing with that fabric.  How did I miss it that day?  I know, there were many distractions.


I love making new friends!


Standing across the street I noticed this boutique brimming with garden accessories.  I was daydreaming of how I could use these statues in my back yard in the flower garden of my dreams….still in my mind…not on paper…but one day will become a reality.


It was at this point that my friend needed to find an ATM machine, and I needed to find a place to eat.  We made contact with the group and it was decided to keep on going and not stop.  We walked along this side of the street and on the corner found a nice little restaurant.

We walked through to the back and sat on the patio by this canal and water wheel.  The temperature was starting to rise so it was nice to sit by the water and be calmed and cooled.  Ducks swam in the water and entertained us.


Never disappointed with my food, I was enjoying the special of the day.  I got the chicken and duck kebob and my friend got the seafood kebob.  Served with a green salad and balsamic dressing, frites and ratatouille, all was right in my world at that moment!


After a wonderful lunch, we kept on walking the streets.  I stumbled onto these spools of silk threads and it was all I could do not to buy the whole lot of them.  But, practicality kicked in and I reasoned I could always refer back to their beauty by means of a photo.  Besides, I still needed to find my linen shams, which at that point, I still hadn’t.


Another picturesque view.


It was at our last meetup that I found my linen shams!  There was a vendor selling nothing but vintage linens and to say that I was audibly swooning is no lie!  I was in heaven……being a tactile person, touching and feeling the delicate embroidery and the soft linen between my fingers was oh so……take a breath Tammi……I think you get the point. 🙂

They are in excellent condition and nary a spot on them.  I need to order feather inserts for them now and display them on my bed.  For me, a true luxury.


Next stop, the Moulin du Calanquet.  This is a local olive oil mill near to where we were staying and for several days before this, we were trying to get here but were either too busy or too tired.  But today was the day.  Fortunately, they were open another hour yet and were able to give us a tour.

I learned a lot about olives and the making of olive oil.  We had a tasting and it was interesting to see, taste and feel the difference of the oils in my mouth.  You can learn more about the Moulin du Calanquet here

The grounds were beautiful with the flowers and the trellis at the doorway.


Beautiful yarrow.


More poppies……I don’t think I can ever get enough poppies.


A millstone being used in lawn decor


A closer view of the grape trellis shading the entranceway


The grove of olive trees


The view of the olive trees standing at the entranceway looking out with a nice view of an Aston Martin convertible.  STORY:  One of the single gals on the trip noticed that as we were in the shop after the tour buying some goodies to take home, a nice looking gentleman entered the shop too and was talking with the owners.  He was single.  So when we went outside and saw this was the only car in the parking lot, we were like…hmmmm….single, drives an Aston Martin convertible, which showed dealership in Monaco…hmmmm…..wonder if he’s looking for a dinner date…..ha! Silly girls….

But even without the car, isn’t the view of the grove magnificent?


Another angle because I couldn’t get the true scope of depth to the property


Saying goodbye….with a trio of organic fruit preserves, white balsamic vinegar and sea salt for my souvenirs.  A long, restful day well spent in the Provençal sun.


How else to finish up the day than by spending time at the pool back at the house, right?


Less chance of a burn with the late day sun…..and a view of my morning meditation steps


One of the gals enjoying the water with the beautiful cypress trees in the background and manicured gardens


And this!  A spell at the pool replete with sangria!


The outdoor kitchen and bath area at the pool.  Because after a couple sangrias……


Another extraordinary day well spent at the market, the mill and the pool.