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Well, it’s been 10 weeks and 5 days since my surgery.  During that time, you all know that my skin graft turned into a keloid and on January 13, I had it injected with a cocktail of steroids.  I just had my followup with the ocular plastic surgeon on February 16 and it is smoothing out rather nicely. 
As you can tell by this photo, it is not as hard or puffy as before and has attached itself rather nicely to the rest of the skin around my eye.  I am to continue with the massages daily but don’t have to use the steroid ointment 24 hrs a day.

closeup of graft

This photo is the site at my ear where the skin was harvested.  It too is continuing to heal up well.  At first I was putting Vaseline on it but after a month decided to try using my moisturizer once the stitches were out and I thought it was good a time as any to start.  I use Éminence Organic Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer blended with Juice Beauty Organic Hydrating Mist and will continue doing so as I think it’s helping.  Only time will tell!

graft harvesting site at ear

And now I want to point something out to you with this next photo below.  If you look at the graft, take your eye up to right under my eyelash between the 2:00 and 3:00 position.  You will see a tiny translucent papule.  This is how my BCC started out.  I noticed this a couple months ago but was too sidetracked to mention it as I had other things I was worrying about.  Hmmm..I wonder what? 

closeup of new translucent papule under eye

Well…on January 23, I had another biopsy done on the site at my nose where my glasses sit because of a spot that was sore and bleeding.   It wasn’t healing up. Now mind you, I wouldn’t have been too too worried except it was at the same site of a previous BCC!  So I had a biopsy done and fortunately the results came back negative and it was a dilated pore.  Whew!
So, at my visit with the ocular, I pointed this out to him and we are watching it.   It measures 1mm x 2mm and it is too small to biopsy at the moment.  I am waiting to see if it starts bleeding then that will be my cue that all is not well in Hollywood here.
I remember one of my readers, Rebecca, asking if I had a picture of the first BCC and how it started.  Well Rebecca, very innocently enough, huh?  So I go back mid April for a check up on the graft and if it needs another injection, as well as a biopsy of this little guy.
To further complicate the healing process, I noticed since day one that the entire left side of my face hurts from the temple down to the jawline.  The sensation of a burning icecube running down my face is the best way to describe it.  My face feels hot AND cold at the same time!  It is exacerbated by the cold air and I have pretty much been housebound for these entire 10 and a half weeks because guess what?!  It’s winter here in Pennsylvania!  I mentioned this to the doctor and of course, it’s not normal……I told him that getting a keloid was not normal either but I did!  So the possibility of hitting a sensory nerve during surgery could be the reason.  I’ll reserve judgement until the weather warms up and see if I feel a difference.
I enlisted my mom to get groceries once and my dad has been good about calling to see if I need something while he’s out as well as a dear friend Tina.  We have this awesome farmer’s market here, The Green Dragon, and he gets this fantastic fresh spinach for me and a shoo fly pie for him, so when I feel the need to escape for a change of scenery, I go down to their house and eat his pie!

leaving you with a smile and no makeup!

Once again, I am leaving you with a smile!!!  No makeup because I have to get back in the workroom and get started on cornices for a client project that is going to be so awesome it will be the subject of a future post here.  This project incorporates my new leather tiebacks, Le Cuir, and is the center of my advertising campaign revolving around this project.
Have an excellent day my dear readers!  I greatly appreciate you and your commenting.