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Have you ever realized a missed opportunity when it was right under your nose?

I can now whole heartedly say that I missed a totally Mexican cuisine experience in Paris while I was there in January and it was right in my neighborhood the whole time!  How did I find out about this restaurant?  Of all ways, my Travel and Leisure Magazine, April issue. 

I was leisurely thumbing through the issue I had just received in the mail.  One of my favorite sections is the “Reader’s Find” in which readers share their “finds”, whether it be a quaint B & B, hotel, restaurant or whatever.  I travel vicariously this way I might add!   And so I didn’t pay too much attention to the picture of the restaurant, although for some strange reason, I felt I had been there before but couldn’t quite place it.   I decided to read the article entitled “A Mexican Bistro in the City of Light”. 

And then it dawned on me!  I WAS THERE!  Back in January when I traveled with a group of other designers for the Maison et Objet in Paris, our Hotel was on this street!  I even walked by it on many occasions never having the time to stop and see what it was.   And get this:  I even giggled to myself when I saw it because I thought to myself, here I am in Paris, who in their right mind would eat at a Mexican restaurant when there is so much real French food out there! 

 The reader goes on to say those very thoughts that I had but here it turns out that this restaurant is a hot spot for young French locals!   They’re even known for having the best Margarita in the city.  Miguel, the chef and owner is from Mexico and his wife, Amy, is American.  The restaurant is called Fajitas and they are located at 15 Rue Daupine in the 6th arrondissement.  Their website is www.fajitas-paris.com so the next time you’re in Paris, check them out.  I know I will!

Here is a sampling of what you can eat!  What a tragedy for me as I love to eat!  So girls (you know who you are) on our next trip to the Maison et Objet, this is one place I will definitely be eating at! 


*please note that I copied these pictures from their website as the one in the article didn’t scan right.