Having a passion for design and beautiful fabrics led me to the place where I am at today.  I had my beginnings in clothing, designing and creating couture dresses and suits, the first one being my Prom dress!  No one had a dress like mine that’s for sure.  My mother taught me how to sew, hand sew that is, and in school I learned to use a machine.  In 8th grade, my father bought me a brand new Singer sewing machine and guess what?  41 years later, I still use it from time to time.  I have since graduated to industrial machines because of working with drapery fabrics now, but when I need a buttonhole, it’s the old Singer that comes out from the dust.

Taking my love of couture in clothing and transferring it to draperies has been very fun.  Finding clients who allow me to express my creativity is so refreshing because when I am told “carte blanche”  I take it and run!  It also helps to have a budget that allows for this creativity too!  There are not as many opportunities to go “crazy” but when I get them, I don’t hold back.  So……sit back and enjoy the ride.  I will be sharing some of my more adventurous work which forced me to go outside of the box.  I welcome comments and more importantly, I welcome work!  Speaking of couture, LOVE what is coming out of Paris!   A bientot!

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. a bientot


    • bonjour Marie!
      Merci pour votre visite a mon blog! J’ai eu le plaisir a faire votre connaissance a Paris pour le Maison et Objet en janvier.



  2. Hi – just stumbled on your site. I have a facebook page with pics if you are interested in checking out some work as well. Your work looks beautiful! I’m not sure how to link to a facebook business page but if you search Main Line Window Decor, you will find me!


  3. Cool Christina!
    I’ll look you up right now!


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