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This post was never meant to be.  In fact, I was researching information on a future post when this just came out of nowhere!
This is a print of an abstract entitled “Le Jour” which aptly describes my brain today.  Many thoughts, many directions to go and basically just loaded with ADD-ism!  My awesome brother found this print for me at a yard sale for a dollar.  Yes, he is a big spender, hee hee. 
 I’d like to think that what attracted him to this print and then what made him think of me are the words Le Jour and the food on the table.  It couldn’t possibly be the abstract quality of my life now, could it?  We both have ADD so I’m sure he connected on some level but is afraid to admit it! 🙂   Although…….being a musician…..that guitar on the table probably jumped right out at him. 

"Le Jour" hanging on my wall of copper cookware

I am calling this the “day of the leek”  because today was the day that I had to do something with these leeks or else.  Since I love making eating Potage Parmentier (potato leek soup for you english speaking folks) and quiche, I decided to make these two treats today.
I do love to cook, but more importantly as anybody who knows me, I love to eat.  So I thought I’d share my meal with you because I certainly can’t share what I was supposed to be doing as it didn’t get done.
 This is the soup after I pureed it in the blender and put it back on the stove to reduce a bit more.
 OOOOHHHHH, is that the crèpe pan from Paris I see on the back burner?  Why yes it is.  BUT, hey, it just came to me:  I need to do a blog post on the world’s best crèpes!
And how about that cute kitty kat spoon rest?

Potage Parmentier on the stove

 This is the finished leek quiche right after I took it out of the oven to cool on the counter.  MMMMMMMM….my house smells great right now.  I can hardly wait to eat it!

THE quiche cooling on the counter

 I thought I’d get creative with my presentation since I decided to blog about it.  This bowl came from my mother in law’s restaurant, Le Poisson Blanc, in the tiny ville of Pont Coblant, France and is serving us just as well as it did for her clients over 50 years ago!

Potage Parmentier with drizzled heavy cream

Here is a shot of the quiche on the plate that matches the rest of the dinnerware from the restaurant.  I love the Artisanal baby lettuce so I drizzled olive oil on it as well as freshly ground pepper from the mill and fresh sea salt.  And to be really healthy, I threw in a whole wheat roll. 

Leek quiche with Artisan baby lettuce salad and wheat roll

What meal would be complete without dessert?  Certainly not mine, that’s for sure.  So, a big hat’s off to Wal Mart’s baking staff for providing me this wonderfully moist double chocolate loaf cake.  I thought it looked pretty lonely on the plate so I added a scoop of coffee ice cream! 
 This plate has a story too:
When my husband was younger and went to the carnivals in France, he would play the games and win prizes.  He obviously was a sharp shooter because he won this set of dessert plates, 6 in all with a bigger serving plate to match.  The plates are hand made and of course come from France. 

double chocolate cake with coffee ice cream

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of precious dishes with many memories attached to them.  It is a shame to let them sit in the cabinet and not be used and adored.  So when I eat, I serve my food on the best dishes in the house.  It is my treat to me!
I hope you enjoyed this little reprieve from couture window fashions!  It was kinda fun actually.  But I do have a great post waiting for you next time so please stay tuned.  It revolves around vintage linen from France.  Do I have your attention now? 🙂