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Recently I was interviewed by Ceil DiGuglielmo for her podcast here and it was released last Monday March 13.  During the interview, we were discussing many different topics and at the time, I was secretly thinking to myself, who really wants to know what I, Tammi Le Nair, have to say or think?  I even verbally said it to Ceil who kindly told me that there really are people who are interested in what I have to say.

Fast forward to several days after the podcast being released and I have to admit that she was right.  I have been contacted both publicly on Facebook as well as privately by those who all had a different takeaway from that interview.  I had no idea that the things I said would impact people greatly…..both on a professional and personal emotional level.   For that I am deeply humbled.

Case in point:  this picture was a thank you from a dear colleague

sharpest tool

One of the topics discussed was about advice I would give to those starting out and I mentioned  how you should feel about yourself and your talents.  This is where confidence comes in and so I said that we should feel as if we are the sharpest tool in our shed.  It doesn’t mean we think more than necessary of ourselves but that we do have to acknowledge all of the education and experience we have amassed that has brought us to the point where we are at in our businesses.  So when she posted this picture and tagged me in it, I was surprised in a good way!  This was her takeaway.

Others have contacted me privately expressing gratitude for the little tidbits of my personal life that I shared.  Again, when I said those things I had no idea of the impact I would leave on those listening.

My takeaway?  You never know the impact your words will  have on others so don’t be afraid to show your ‘human’ side and the frailties that we all are sharers of.