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It all started with this pleather my customer found and wanted to use on her drapery panels.  I thought it would be really neat to make custom leather tiebacks out of the same pleather to match the banding we were putting on the leading edge of her drapery.  Her love of all things equestrian rang a bell with me as I have my own line of leather tiebacks.

So this picture was my design of the bespoke tieback I would be making.

bespoke tiebacks


I must say this was a really fun project for me!  Didn’t it turn out great?  I LOVE the fringes at the ends!

bespoke 012

This is a full shot of the drapery panel.  We did one on each window tied back asymmetrically.

bespoke 010

I recently added a page to my website that features my Leather Collection tiebacks.  Check it out here Leather Collection

Here is a recent project that incorporated a gray vinyl with clear crystal spots for this awesome salon  Epic Salon

I will do another post on this project as it was a very challenging wall of draperies which in the end caught the eye of another magazine and was featured in their ‘Challenging Windows’ section.

Le Cuir tieback