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Hey Everybody,

I know I told you I’d give you the scoop on how I made that Juicy Cornice from the previous post, but I stumbled upon an awesome blog by accident yesterday when I was Googling words.

Those words were:  organically caring for roses

The blog that caught my attention is   http://www.agardenforthehouse.com and the article I was fascinated with was The Organic Way to Beautiful Roses.

This is why:  My roses just started blooming a couple days ago, but I noticed that there were black spots on the leaves and then yellowing and wondered what it was.  Normally, at the garden center, there are all sorts of sprays for this and that, but I want to do things organically, no chemicals!


blooming roses

blooming roses

So here is what I learned from this blog:  there really is something called blackspot disease in which guess what?  There are black spots on the leaves and then the leaves turn yellow.  The reason?  Not enough air circulation around the bush.  Well, that makes perfect sense to me because 2 weeks ago, I trimmed the holly bush next to it because I couldn’t stand how so out of proportion it was to the front of my house and how it was hogging up the space next to this rose bush.  Yes, this drapery gal does everything to scale, even her plants. 🙂


The organic remedy?  Mixing 1 part baking soda with 20 parts water and spraying, and me giving that holly bush a more serious haircut in the near future!  I also learned about food for roses.  Yes, roses eat too I discovered so I ran out and got Espoma Organic Rose Tone food.  It has been way too hot these past couple days so I will wait till early morning (hah!  that’s a joke because I”m not a morning gal) or for a few days when the weather is predicted to get cooler than 90+ degrees.


A side note:  I have never gardened before, that was the ex’s job.  So a whole new world has been opened up to me and I must say, I am enjoying walking barefoot in freshly tilled dirt in my garden and getting my hands dirty, even if I do have those cute little pink gardening gloves on!  And what great research projects I now have to do!

Check out this blog and happy gardening! 🙂