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As I was flipping through my latest Travel & Leisure magazine, I came across this ad.  You all know that I like to Travel and I like to Leisure!  Now, I know this ad was meant to advertise The Dorchester, but as most of you know, this brain did not see a hotel ad at all.  Instead, I saw and ad for these beautiful silk, English bump interlined drapes that could just open up and swallow me whole!  And I would let them! 🙂

I am amazed at the scale of these draperies and makes me wish I could see how high up they are mounted to get the whole effect.  Look at the size of the tiebacks!  Don’t you just love the hemline with its soft sumptuous curves?  It almost looks as if THEY are airbrushed and not the model.

But….I did find a flaw and that is why I entitled this post, I Just Can’t Help Myself, because…..I just can’t.  Upon closer perusal of the tiebacks, I see that the bump interlining between the silk has shrank at the top edge leaving just the silk and the welt cording sandwiched together and shriveled.  Possibly due to humidity and natural causes as it is a natural fiber, or maybe……when they were lovingly being made, the bump was stretched, which is a no-no.

When working with bump, you have to make your cuts and walk away, even overnight if better, so that the fibers can relax and come back to the shape they want to be.  I know it’s not a big deal, but I just want to travel to this hotel in London with my sewing kit so I can do something about it.  Even if I have to bring a yard of bump in my suitcase and re do.  Do you think if I called them and told them what I see they would pay my airfare to come over and fix them at no charge?

Why is it that wherever I go, I am always examining the draperies?  I even examined the arched draperies at The Greenbrier on the way to the Spa and knew I could’ve done better.  Sigh……I just had to share. 

Do any of you do the same?  What’s wrong with us anyway?