When I get so busy that I forget I have a blog, well, uh oh!

That’s what I did!  Last night I remembered I hadn’t checked my blog stats in over 3 months because I have been busier than a one armed paperhanger with her arm in a sling!  Yep, it’s really true.  Only I don’t hang wallpaper and nor is my arm in a sling.  If it were in a sling I’d probably be here daily due to boredom.

What winds of change am I talking about?  Taking my business to the next level and getting it out of my home which I have been accustomed to having for the past 20 years.  Serious withdrawal not being able to work in my pajamas, but exciting times for sure!  My business has been spreading its tentacles all over my house and after being tired of tripping over everything, I decided it had to go!  It had already consumed all of my basement which is a daylight and walk out basement.  After enlarging the house once before due to growing pains there is no more property on the corner of my house to spread out to.

After searching the market for suitable leasing space, one that would accompany my workroom, my design area, office, etc…..I found a neat space and made it my own.  And that is why you haven’t heard hide nor hair of me since.  It started mid May with the renovations and working 7 days a week plus trying to get work out the door so I can continue to pay my bills….well….leaves me no time at the end of the day.  Exhaustion is the order of the day I’m afraid.  I’m not talking 8 hr work days either.  15 hrs is the standard day and I think at the end of August I will start to see the light of day again.

Boy do my cats miss me!  And I, them.  They were used to me letting them in and out at their every whim, but now, those days are over.  So, guess who gets to have 5 cats sleep with her at night?  ME!!!!!  And no, I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies you might be conjuring up in your head at this moment or shaking your head in disbelief! 🙂

Well, I just finished an installation and now I have to get back at it for Monday morning’s install.  I keep telling myself the end of August is just days away…….When I get more time, I’ll post before and after pics of my space.  I am still in the process of setting it up but I am working from it now and am loving my space!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Sorry I forgot I had a blog!  I’ll try to do better in the future.