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I have been working on a project since the fall that got a little waylaid due to my surgery and complications thereafter, but things are heating up again and I had a fun photoshoot over the weekend.  I’m getting my Le Cuir leather tiebacks ready for marketing as I have several vendors interested in repping my line for me, so that means taking pictures, making up sell sheets and going to market!

My neice is an aspiring photographer so I thought I’d help her out while she helps me out and give her an opportunity to show what she can do.



custom leathers and vinyl with assorted crystal spots. photo by NikkiRey


In the photo above I have an example of an embossed faux crocodile tieback in aqua, a black patent leather with silver fleur de lys and Olde English lettering, and a silver vinyl with 5/16″ crystal spot bling!  Surrounding the tiebacks are some assorted colors and sizes of the crystal spots.   Monograms are also available too!    



Above are the many colorways that the faux crocodile and patent leathers come in!    Aren’t they fun?  Personally, I’m lovin’ the red crocodile #9!



crystal spots available in 5/16" and 1/2" sizes and 14 assorted colors. photo by NikkiRey


This photo represents  the 14 different colors of crystal spots available in 2 different sizes.  As you can see, the options to customize are endless with all the different leathers to choose from as well as monogramming, crystal bling and lettering. The tiebacks themselves start at 15″ in length and are sold by the foot thereafter.


Below is one way that the tiebacks can be used.  In this application, they are actually swagholders instead of tiebacks!


one way in which Le Cuir can be used as a swagholder



So the next time you are working on a project and want something unique, think of Le Cuir tiebacks!