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It’s a Saturday afternoon and a cold windy day here.  It’s the perfect storm for trying out my new cast iron scone pan, Lavender White Chocolate scone mix and watching a movie entitled Sarah’s Key.   All things French today.
Here below is my little vignette with my scones proudly displayed in their Provencal napkin holder surrounded by all things French!
scones with my favorite tea in a Provencal embroidered napkin holder and napkins

 This is my brand new cast iron scone pan I got from Amazon, gotta love Amazon for those late nights when I can’t sleep and am craving something different.  Here is the result of one of those evenings.  It comes preseasoned, so I just washed it with hot water and then wiped it down with extra light olive oil so the scones wouldn’t stick.  I am no stranger to cast iron as my mom, being from West Virginia, bakes her cornbread in a skillet!  And her fried chicken in a cast iron skillet can’t be beat. 
Which reminds me, I need to get that cornbread recipe!

Lodge Logic scone pan

I figured since I was going to buy a scone pan, I need scone mix.  Back in December I took my niece to a tea room which served us lavender scones and I was on a mad hunt for something similar.  When I saw this mix with white chocolate, which is my favorite chocolate by the way, I called off the dogs because the search was over. 
The mix is from ivéta gourmet and is very easy to make.  Easy to make…..ah yes, that was very appealing to me.  I can whip up a gourmet meal no problem but when it comes to desserts, I do not wear the crown.  Rather, a crown of thorns.

Iveta White Chocolate and Lavender scone mix

This is a closeup of the mix in the bowl, a stainless steel bowl which is not reflecting too nicely but I wanted you to see that it has real chunks of white chocolate!  A plus for me because I was afraid it would be a powdered additive but I am quite happily surprised and impressed.  However, I was expecting to smell more of a bouquet of lavender and didn’t, so I sure was hoping that when they were done, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  You never know with mixes how it will turn out until you make it. 


scone mix with real white chocolate

Very easy to make, all you add is heavy cream and stir until it is doughy and thick.  Then I put the batter into the pan and sure did hope I had enough.  Turns out I had more than enough and squeezed the extras into the points of the pan.  If you recognize the towel, yes, it is one of my mother in law’s linen dish towels I inherited and blogged about HERE.


ready to bake


Now I come to the MEMORY part of the blog.  5 years ago, a friend and I took a girly trip to France for 2 weeks.  Part of that week included renting an apartment in St Chinian in the Languedoc-Rousillon area in the south of France.  It was in this small town where I found this wonderful napkin holder with an embroidered lavender flower.  I just had to have it!  It also would travel well in my suitcase.

Provence napkin holder with Lavande embroidery


 Here are the scones fresh from the oven, ready to be transferred into my little basket and then soon into my mouth while I watched my movie.  They smelled so good, and wait, was I smelling lavender now?  Why yes, I think I am! 🙂


fresh from the oven


Just look at the white chocolate chips!   Mmmmmm.

closup of nooks and crannies and white chocolate chips


And here is how I present them to you!  I took a sprig of lavender from my collection and served them a Limoge plate that my sister in law found at a yard sale.  I added one of the napkins I got while in St Chinian and on the napkin, is a rock I got while touring a lavender field in Argens, Provence.  I use this rock as a diffuser for lavender essential oil which is both calming and invigorating depending on what your senses are needing at the moment.  I use it in my workroom on days when I need to be calm and have my head on straight.  Works very well.
Then, at night when I need to relax, I put a drop on it and keep it by my bedside.  Sweet dreams and a solid night’s sleep too.

my scones with a sprig of lavender on a petite Limoges plate ready for me to devour

This is the lavender field in Argens that I toured.  It was early June when I was there so the lavender wasn’t blooming yet, but I walked this very field and saw this very sky and mountain.  And yes, it really is this blue and the lavender really is this beautiful purple.  Notice the rocks under the plants?  That is the soil so my dream of rolling in a lavender field with wild abandonment never came to fruition as I was also told that tiny snakes also inhabit the soil!  EEEKK!  It would be my lot in life that as I was fulfilling a lifelong dream, I’d also get bit in the butt by a snake!  HA! 🙂
If you ever get to Provence, I highly recommend golng to see this field.  At Bleu d’Argens, there are tours and Vero (Veronique) the owner, was kind enough to not only give us a tour, but also had old friends coming to visit so invited me and my friend to stay and eat with them!  We had a hearty French meal with good wine and we were surrounded by lavender.  A girl’s dream, or mine at least!

lavender field I toured at Bleu d'Argens courtesy of Bleu d'Argens Facebook page

And so, what is my critique of these scones from a mix?  Absolutely divine, to be savored and not eaten fast, and YES, the bouquet of lavender in the back of the throat and when you exhale is oh so heavenly!  I will also eat them with lemon curd from Curdelicious, a delightfully light curd bursting with fresh lemony taste!
And the movie, Sarah’s Key?  One word:  INCROYABLE, French for incredible.  WOW!  I highly recommend it.  I will not tell you what it is about because that would ruin it for you but let me say that it and the musical accompaniement struck emotions that kept you thinking about it afterwards.  So much so, that I have watched it again this afternoon after watching it last night!  The majority is in French with subtitles, but that just helps my French along.  The second time I watched it, I didn’t look at the subtitles and passed the test with flying colors.
So I have had a delightful day and now am going back for another scone!