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          Have you ever heard someone say they were “feeling blue” or “having a gray day”?

Well, it is a gray rainy day here both inside and out, and while I really should be creative and whipping out some awesome window fashions, I really don’t FEEL like it!  I would rather be curled up in my bed reading a fantastic book with my cats or better yet, blogging like I am doing right now so I can tell myself I’m too busy and justify my way out of working today. 🙂

I need a dose of some color and life since both seem to be lacking in a large way.  It doesn’t help that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and we’re coming upon that time of year again kids, so I went back to some of the pictures I took when the sun was shining and life was so vibrant that I thought I’d share two of them with you.

Monarch butterfly on flower

This picture was taken on my vacation in West Virginia.  It was after the family reunion, always a time of joy, when my cousin, her husband, my aunt and I went on an adventure right down the road.  We stopped to visit a sugar shack where maple syrup is made and on the way back, stopped at a log house dating back to pre Civil War era that belonged to family of family. 

They had a beautiful flower garden and my cousin and I went nuts because Monarch butterflies were all around.  I snapped this photo because I loved how the color of the flower bounced off the green and this little butterfly stood still and posed for me as I snapped away!

flower with mountains in background

I could not get over the beauty of this flower.  It was at least 5″ in circumference and wasn’t with the rest of the sunflowers you see in the background to the right.  If anyone knows what it is, I’d love for you to leave a comment as I am the green thumb in the family.   I loved the fact that a bumblebee was partaking in the pollenating process and it too, posed politely for me.  Just a factoid about me:  I hate bees.  It took all the courage I had to get close enough to this flower to even take this picture.  I had the “willies” the whole time and just wanted to get out of there!

I also like how I got the mountains in the background because we were deep in the mountains of Greenbrier County and to not share that beauty with those who’ve never been there is just plain mean! 🙂

So there you go, I feel a little bit better and my cat has just jumped up on my desk and refuses to get out of the way.  After all, doesn’t the world revolve around him, he says?