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me and my niece with We The Kings backstage

OK, now, I consider myself to be a young 48, but that all blew up on me this past weekend when I had the opportunity of a teenage girl’s lifetime! 
My nephew is on a 7 week tour around the country running sound for the Simon dTour Live concerts in the Simon Malls.  This past weekend his gig was at Concord Mills, NC and as promised, I surprised him by showing up and giving him some family support.  I also brought my niece because this was our first road trip together and I thought it would be a great time for the two of us.
Let me just say, she is all teenager and giggly to boot! 
The group, We The Kings, is evidently a really famous band if you’re a teenage girl.  Me, I never heard of them before nor their music and she was blown away by that fact.  Do I live under a rock?  Evidently so.  However, ask me about U2 and Bono or The B52s and………
So here I am, backstage with a VIP pass getting to meet the boys knowing full well I could be their mother!  In order not to be too embarassed by my lack of “who are you?” I asked my niece to give me the name of a song so that if they asked me what my favorite song was, I could tell them.  Whew!  Thank goodness they never asked me 🙂
BJ Honkey Lange warming up the crowd of teenage girls
Pre show, BJ “Honkey” Lange is giving away t-shirts, beads, gift cards and playing really fun games that if I were 16 again, yeah, you bet, I would be up on that stage right there with him!  They had a dance off, karaoke, sing alongs…..I think you get the idea.  I would definitely be in that dance off for sure, wearing my beads.
We The Kings in action
This is a shot of the guys on stage performing.  I must say, I had one of the best seats in the house inside the staging area and I did feel bad (until they started to sing)  for those young girls who actually knew all the words to their songs that they had to stand behind the barricade, while I, in all my ignorance, had no idea what I was about to hear 🙂
These guys were REALLY good!  Acoustic guitars plus a bass and an African djembe drum for percussion.  I was blown away by the clarity and range of Travis’ (the lead singer) voice.  This kid can really sing!  I grew up with musicians in my family but can’t read music or sing.  I didn’t get those genes evidently but I know a good voice when I hear it.  And he has it.
me and BJ Honkey Lange
Before this trip, I had no idea who this guy was!  Since I don’t have time to watch TV and live where cable refuses to go and am too cheap to buy a Dish, how could I possibly know this guy is famous on MTV?  BJ is very funny and very down to earth, gotta love him!  Read his resume HERE

my special seating in front of the stage

This was where I sat, inside this area while all those starry eyed young girls were wondering just how did I get there and who did I know?  Don’t let them fool you, it IS who you know!

the signed CD from We The Kings

And here it is:  the autographed version of We The Kings newly released CD, “Sunshine State of Mind”.  Yes, I liked these guys so much I bought a CD and stood in line to have them autograph it! (with all the screaming teenage girls)

How’s that for being a young 48?