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Global Fashion Trends Sneak Peek
Last night I had the opportunity to get the insider view of what will be coming out of Paris in 2012 at all the Fashion shows, whether they be related to apparel, costume jewelry or the home.
I’m going to whet your appetite with a couple pics I took from the overhead screen as the presentation was being given.  I will elaborate more fully in an upcoming blog post while I am sitting in the airport once again this weekend as this will afford me the uninterrupted time  I need to get creative with my writing. 
Ellen Sideri, founder and CEO of ESP Trendlab, an agent for Nelly Rodi, gave the presentation for the upcoming theme for 2012.   
The theme is “Revelations” and is about new desires, true instincts, east/west, past/present and a longing to show ourselves in a new light.
The following photo is taken from the category:  Insolence/Traveling Through Time.  What I LOVE about this category is that quality and not quantity prevails with a luscious softness. 
Note the pleated and ruffled edgings on the blouse.  These will also translate nicely into my couture window fashions.  

Insolence: Traveling Through Time

This next photo is from the category:   Shabby Antique/Harmonize, which focuses on mixing and flea market finds such as a prettily worn down antique rug.  Patinated jacquards and pearlized colors along with an East meets West attitude prevail here.
Don’t you just love these colors?   

Shabby Antique: Harmonize


These are just 2 of the 4 related categories to the theme of “Revelations” and I will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, wondering what the other two are.  Well, in my imagination, that’s what you are doing, but really, I know you are much more mature than that, so stay tuned for the detailed account of the evening coming up.


Many thanks to Phillipe Bazin from Promosalonsusa for organizing this soireé at the French Consulate and giving me the “French fix” I desperately needed.