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This blog post is dedicated to the subscribers of my blog.

  Like the beautiful flowers that I saw at the Philadelphia Flower Show recently, you are just as beautiful to me because you take delight in what I write about! 🙂

You’re probably wondering about the title of this post:  hmmm….economic distractions?  rendering me silent?  Here’s the deal.

I have not felt the impact of clients tightening their belts like some have in my industry.  In fact,  in the past couple weeks alone, there has been a mass explosion of work landing on my worktable.

Hence the positive economic distraction.  Nothing negative here because I am totally distracted by all the work coming my way.  And that my dear  friends is rendering me silent for this whole month.  

I will be so busy creating some fabulous goodies for my clients that there is no way I can squeeze out any time to write a blog post.  So this will have to last you for a month. 


award winning vignette with floral swag treatment

 Back in the beginning of March I had the opportunity to go to the Flower Show.   It’s something I do every year or try to at least because when there is snow on the ground and it is cold and dreary, I need some serious natural beauty of the floral variety.  How excited I was to find out that the theme this year was Springtime in Paris!  Not only was I getting a flower fix, I was getting a Paris fix too!
Isn’t this display divine in the photo above?  I want you to focus on what Jamie Rothstein of Distinctive Floral Designs, Inc created for the arch windows.  Do you see it?  Those gorgeous floral swags?
Yes, you’re hearing a great big sigh because I was rendered speechless when I saw her display with all the antiques, beautiful trimmings and flowers.  What a way to start my day.  

sidewalk cafe vignette

This next photo has a story to it.  Notice on the blackboard that the first item on the menu is Sole Meuniere.  I LOVE this fish.
At a much younger age than I am now when I waitressed at a restaurant that Paul Newman and Robert Redford frequented, this was on the menu.  It was presented in a copper fish pan and we fileted it tableside.  Cut to France on my very first visit where we decided to go out to eat.  I saw this on the menu and knew I had to have it.  I ordered it because I knew exactly what it was with my limited none knowledge of French!  When the dish came out to the table I had a horrible surprise!  It still had the head on it and the eye was looking up at me like it couldn’t believe it lost its life for me! 
Now, the whole time my husband KNEW it was going to be presented this way but didn’t say a word because he wanted to see my reaction.  Yeah, I was cool as a cucumber and didn’t let on that I was about to throw up!  I got through it so every time I see Sole on the menu, this is the memory that I have and couldn’t resist taking this picture. 

floral duvet

 This next display featured bedding of the floral variety.  Look at the leaves gently falling down the sides of the bed!  Even better, look at the flowers used as a duvet!  You have probably guessed by now that this will be a major inspiration for me when it comes to my next bedding project for that special client.

vignette of French wine, grapes, flowers

 This vignette was laid out on a wooden cart.  I loved how these items were strewn about haphazardly yet precariously placed in the just the right position and angle.  Wine, cheese, baguettes and even a table and chairs.  Looks like a picnic on wheels ready to pull over at just the right hillside overlooking lavender fields to me.  At least that is what I picture in this little head of mine when I look at the dress.  And speaking of the dress, are you beginning to see a theme here with rosettes?  I sure am.

Parisian Monuments wedding cake

 What true  Francophile bride would not want a wedding cake with these Parisian monuments as part of the decoration?  We have the L’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and of course at the top, La Tour Eiffel!  Ta Da!  Best wedding cake topper I’ve seen in years! 

roses, roses and more roses to be purchased

 And now…….the real reason I go to the Flower show:  The roses.  $7.49 a dozen.  This was the bin I chose my 2 dozen from.  Aren’t these colors just dreamy?
Know what I do with them?  I arrange them in a vase for a week and then taking 6 at a time,  I pluck the petals and throw them into my bath!  Yes, I bathe with rose petals!  Light a candle, grab a glass of wine, put on some music and remove yourself from reality for a bit.  The water becomes soft from the oils of the petals, and it smells good too.  It’s a win-win! 

a dear friend and I at the backside of the floral swag display

 Something this beautiful is worth sharing so it’s always a girly day out.   This year there was even a wine tasting event in which I discovered a wonderful sweet rosé by Robertsons from South Africa.  If you like zinfandels and sweet wine, this is the winner.  So all in all, it was a great day away which lasted for over a week as I admired my roses on my dining room table and bedside table.  This will carry me through till my flowers start coming up soon.

See you in May!