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Whetting the appetite for an upcoming post on the Master Suite!



In the meantime though, I got a phone call from a writer, Ann Rappoport, who is doing an article on this house here.

It will be the host for an upcoming fundraiser and that is why I entitled this post as a gift that keeps on giving.  As you know, I have posted twice now on this project first here and second here.  I was delighted when I got her phone call.  She discovered my blog posts about Oaks Cloister and contacted the owner about getting some pictures for her article.  I graciously helped her out!


It was also the impetus I needed to start thinking about the next post in this series about the Master Suite.  So while my little brain is musing and ruminating, I thought I’d share the photo that Peter Leach Photography took for me.  He is a master photographer, don’t you think?


In the meantime, I thought you might want to get caught up again with the Oaks Cloister and see what Ann has to say!  Happy reading!