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This is an 1800’s log house that my client lives in.  The addition to the right is the kitchen and fireplace sitting area which was added later.

Notice the antique Lancaster sleigh on the porch in front of the window.

My client deals in antiques so everytime I have a project with her I marvel at all her goodies!

Isn’t this the neatest sleigh? It’s in original condition and only two people can fit snuggly in it.  Great for a young couple dating!   And to think it was actually used back in the day.

I can picture myself in this sleigh drinking a cup of hot cider, spiced of course, allowing the horse at his will, to pull me around on a beautiful ride across the farmlands here.

My lantern is lit and I have a nice wool blanket over my lap as I take in the beauty of my surroundings, getting lost in my thoughts as I listen to the  moving piano music of Ludovico Einaudi, his Nightbook album.

The burgundy velvet upholstery is original to the sleigh!




 This is the Dining Room before shot where I fabricated simple rod pocket sheer linen panels that draped asymmetrically from each other.  The decor at this time was definitely not what I am normally known for, but the simplicity is refreshing and it works with its surrounding.


 This is the fireplace seating area where I come to warm up after a nice ride in the sleigh!

 This is the kitchen.  I made a sink skirt out of burlap and the slim panels at the windows are burlap too.


 These are the panels I made from burlap.  Note that they are hanging on twine and not some fancy rod.  This picture is taken using natural lighting so you get the feel of the space.  It’s very cozy and you actually feel like you are in another time period.

This is another angle of the same window but with lighting from the camera.  I love the simplicity of the burlap panels hanging casually from the twine.  And it doesn’t hurt that my client has great taste and knows how to decorate!


 I had worked with her previously on another house so when she moved to this one, I felt like I was stepping back in time to when things were more simpler.  And so the curtains had to reflect the character of the house.  Her antiques have found a home and even though the house dates to the 1800’s, the modern amenities are hidden nicely. 


I love that no matter what style or taste the client has, I can create something that will add to the beauty and make their house, a HOME.