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I just have to share this with you!


Last night was the “Perfect Storm” for overdosing on design blogs.  I had a wonderful peaceful day getting my spiritual fix and then spent some time with a dear friend.  When I got home, it was about 5:30.


I made myself dinner and decided to sit on the couch in my sunroom, which is where I cocoon with my laptop.  A fuzzy warm blanket, a fantastically doctored up pizza, and nothing else to do because I forced myself to take the day off.  Yes, everyone, I actually did NOT work for once.  So this is not a “how to” post but a “how not to” post!


It always starts with me checking my blog stats.  I’m a numbers girl, what can I say?  From there it lead me to my page so I started clicking on all the blogs I follow to see what was new.  I always check out *Visual Vamp* first since I had the amazing opportunity to meet Valorie Hart in Atlanta at the IWCE.  She was on the panel of bloggers that were sharing their scoop on blogging.  Nothing was new since the last time I checked because her dear husband Alberto suffered a cardiac arrest in Calgary, so I know she has her hands full at the moment.


From there, I always go to French Essence next.  I get my “France fix” from Vicky Archer and her photography is stunning.  I discovered I had missed several posts.  Got caught up. 


Then, for real entertainment, I LOVE going to the HGTV blog because Brian Patrick Flynn is now on their team of bloggers.  He is a hoot!  A very talented one I might add and self taught so it proves you are born with it!  Some things you just come by honestly and don’t need a degree to prove it and he PROVES it.  I also had the pleasure of seeing him in Atlanta and it was there that I discovered him and was hooked. 

 OMG!  Seeing is believing!  It was love at first sight, decor love, that is.  His blog is Decor Demon and I’m going to tell you what I love about Brian, or BPF as he is known.  He calls his seamstress a draper, acknowledges her by name in his blogs and gives her the credit she truly deserves.  I can only imagine what it would be like to work with him on a project. 

Oh Briiiiiiiaaaaaaaaan, Yoo Hoo, if you ever get in my neck of the woods, call me.  I’m your girl, workroom, seamstress, draper.


Then it was on to Nouveau Stitch by Ellen.  LOVE that girl too!  She just had the amazing experience a week or so ago.  Her blog was plastered on WordPress .com’s Freshly Pressed blog page! 

Woo Hoo Ellen, high five girlfriend!


So…I then traveled on to Jackie Blue Home by my friend Jackie Von Tobel, Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosités by my friend Melanie and got lost on her antique site in which she sells these lovely antiques from France.  I also go to Cheeky Cognoscenti because my friend Rebecca writes it.

Before I knew it, it was past 10:00!  Uh Oh.  Gotta get to bed.


BUT, here’s where the overdose come in: 

I was dreaming all night about working with Brian on a project and in pops Valorie and Jackie!  Using Jackie’s designs and not sure what Valorie was doing but she was there.  I even think at one point we were in Valorie’s Living Room because I had seen the pic of it on the blog!  Fantastic space, by the way.

Then I’m in France…..I think you get the point!  It was a great way to spend the evening, but dreaming about it?  Really?  And all night?  Really?  I had loads of fun so maybe I can turn that dream into a reality!

A girl can dream, right?