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MIDNIGHT MADNESS at the workroom of L’Intérieur Le Nair

 I was pulling the midnight shift last night working on 2 pairs of Euro Pleat drapery panels, allowing my mind to wander as it so often does when I am working on mindless things.  I was sitting there wondering what I would do if my tacker decided to crap out on me.  Wondering this, because I had just gone through 3 needles and only tacked 4 pleats!  Be careful what you think about because guess what?



As I was tacking my last pleat on the panel, it stopped mid stream leaving me with a drapery panel stuck in the grips of a hungry beast!  The needle was all the way in the down position and no matter how hard I stepped on the pedal, nothing happened.  Except for that burning smell I started smelling so I shut it down immediately.

 Well, it didn’t take long for “drama queen” to pay me a visit.  I had no idea what to do and the mind just started running.  I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers hoping I could manually lift the needle shaft by some sheer force of nature, but to no avail.  Then I turned it back on, hoping that maybe it just sneezed and now it would work again, but nope, not budging this baby.  So I sat there and stared and then thought, Oh My Goodness, what if that was my finger stuck in there?  Would I then get that superhuman burst of adrenaline, or would I still be sitting here staring at this beast who was not letting go of my panel?


Then I’m thinking, oh no, tomorrow is Sunday and my mechanic won’t answer his phone so I’m going to have to wait till Monday morning to call, and what if he can’t get out here?  I’m totally screwed because these are scheduled for Tuesday morning install.  Yes,  the combination of fatigue and the burning desire to eat again and having never been faced with this situation before left me dazed.


So you know what I did?  At 1:00 in the morning,  I actually called it a night and went back upstairs to eat some of that delicious chicken corn noodle soup I had made the night before. 

Nothing like chicken soup for the weary workroom soul, huh?

And so I left my poor panel in the deathgrip of the tacker beast where it slept all night.



But before I went to bed, after I had resigned myself to the fact that it would have to wait till Monday and I would have to work on something else the next day, I realized I have a wealth of information at my fingertips.


Because I belong to the Workroom Association of America, a group for drapery/soft furnishings workrooms all across America and if you ever get stuck, we have a forum that we can post our questions or comments on.

So that is what I did.  I asked if anyone else had ever had this happen to them and what was their recourse.  And so today when I was checking back to see if anyone else has shared this problem, lo and behold, I had so many wonderful responses on what to do and how to fix it.


Guess what?  It was the easiest fix and something that had never even entered my mind.  DUH!  Break the needle and pull the panel out.  HUH?  BREAK THE NEEDLE?  I just broke 3 before this one!

Turn the machine back on and it will resume its tacking.  I did and it did.  And I’m back at work again!