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You’re probably wondering about the title of this post.  What does a girl, a vineyard and a piece of chocolate cake have in common?

Well, they all came together last Saturday night at a local vineyard here in Lancaster County.  It was an evening with the girls and a very relaxing one I might add.

This is a shot of part of the vineyard on our approach to the entrance. 



Every summer Nissley Vineyards has their Music in the Vineyards series of concerts every Saturday night until Labor Day.  It is a 50 acre vineyard with an 18th century barn which houses the winery.  Across from the barn is a building where the bands are set up and an area to dance.  All around these two buildings is a huge grassy area where you can have a picnic!  And you should see how some people pack and what they bring!

There were tables all set up with tablecloths, floral arrangements, candelabras, just really gorgeous and inventive.  It made me wish I could go around taking pics of all the neat tablescapes I saw!  And then there was mine.  Of course I was working all day up to the point of departure so it was not very creative at all.  In fact, I didn’t even bring a table!  What was I thinking?  I was just glad I had the food ready, my chair, and my wineglass!  And oh yes, don’t forget the wine opener.  I travel everywhere with my opener.  It has been to France and back too!

This picture is my little table with my most favored foods.  Little table is actually a TV tray table my friend brought.  I’m glad she was thinking ahead!




While on my way to buy a bottle of wine at the barn, I passed the food stand and this chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and a Reese’s on top caught my eye!   I already had cheesecake for dessert but when I saw this, well…I couldn’t resist!  Besides, I could eat the cheesecake too!

I decided on a bottle of 2009 Fantasy.  Since I like a sweet wine, this was recommended by the gal that worked there and it was a hit!  A rosé made from Native American and French hybrid grapes, it was a perfect choice which went well with my chicken salad, Feta cheese, crackers and now this heavenly chocolate cake.  One gal brought wine crackers, another brought an Irish cheese that was perfect with the wine so we ended up sharing what we had and feasted quite nicely.

The weather was perfect, the food was great, the band was not so loud that you had to scream at one another so all in all, it was a wonderful evening.  The whole field was covered with people and when the sun went down, all the candles lit on the tables cast wonderful shadows.  People laughing, talking,  having a real good time, enjoying their wine and enjoying each other!  That’s what it’s all about at Nissley Vineyards.

If you’re ever in the area on a Saturday night during the summer, go.  You won’t be disappointed and will have a wonderful memory to take home with you!