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On a recent vacation to West Virginia, I decided that the girls in the family needed to do something special – a girl’s only event that would make a lasting memory for all of us.  Every year we get together for the family reunion so this was the perfect opportunity for me to plan a special day.  And special it was!                        

I decided we MUST go to The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs for a girlie lunch and then on to the Spa afterwards for some pampering!                        

Since there were 10 of us girls, I wanted to make this as easy as possible.   We come from all over the country so coordination for The Greenbrier’s sake was of utmost concern for me.  I contacted the Spa and worked with Michelle.  She was so helpful and made sure everything was smooth sailing.  All our appointments were booked.                        

Then came lunch.  But WAIT, I was then told they don’t take reservations as it is on a  first come first serve basis.  My balloon burst.  Oh no, how are we going to make sure all 10 of us get a table together and be ready for our Spa appointments on time?                          

I must tell you how gracious The Greenbrier was. 


I worked with Denise and they agreed to reserve a table for us considering the fact that we were from all over the country coming in for a family reunion and more importantly, we were celebrating life.  Some of us have been stricken with cancer and are survivors and so this was the memory I wanted to create.                      

  LIFE AND LIVING!                      





This is me sitting in what I’m calling the Queen’s Chair outside the entrance to the new Draper’s Cafe.  It was a big hit with all us girls!    Having been to The Greenbrier before, I was very curious to see how Carleton Varney would transform the new decor with the addition of the casino.   Last year, I wrote about The Greenbrier so you can see photos of the old Draper’s Cafe entrance  here                        



This is the new entrance.  It is located downstairs from the Resort’s Main Entrance on the right before you get to the casino.                       






These are the stairs that you come down to get to Draper’s.  It was nice to see that the black and white marble floors were continued in the new space.  Lovely chandeliers are used throughout.  Draper’s is to the bottom left of this picture.                       






This is the seating area located in the center between the Cafe, the shops and the Casino.  What struck me personally is that this blue seemed so out of place compared to the rest of the decor of greens and pinks.  Carleton, if you’re reading this, please enlighten me about your introduction of this color.  I want to understand why you used it.                         


 Inside the restaurant we are finding our place at the table.  Note the pretty pink water glasses on the pink tables.                                             










 This is the back wall of the restaurant.  You can see the portrait of Dorothy in between light sconces that shone pink light.  The walls are a deep gray and the pink contrasts nicely.                        


                                                                                                   In this picture, the girls were opening their goodie bags. I love gifts, don’t you?  I love giving and I love watching!  Being the queen that I am, I gave myself a gift as well as a nice card like the rest.  A girl’s gotta love herself too, right? 🙂             


I came to Draper’s the day before and had lunch with my neice.  I asked Rose that these bags be placed on the table because they also had the girls’ names on them.  This would facilitate the service of lunch because I had emailed the menus to the girls ahead of time.  I then forwarded their lunch selections to Denise who took it from there.   Denise and Rose did a fantastic job I might add.  They made everything happen like clockwork so I wouldn’t have to worry about the timing.  We only had an hour to eat before our Spa appointments began and with a group of ten girls…..well……..we are known for the gift of gab…….. I didn’t want to be late.                      



    This is a view of the Dining Room from the back wall.  Note the left wall and the vignettes painted in between the shutters.  Each of these vignettes  is a setting from the resort.  I know you can’t see them too well, but  banquettes line the entire left wall and tables are to the right in this space.  This is a cozy area of the dining room if you prefer a little more intimacy.             




  This is another shot of us but with the right side exposed showing the open windows looking down into the casino.  You’ll note the floral fabric canopies that graced the outer walls of the restaurant from the Casino floor.  The floral is the interior fabric while the stripe is the outer.  This floral fabric was laminated and used on the banquettes.  You can also see how the Dining Room is extended to the right and beyond.    




  Here is one of the forbidden shots that was taken before we were told we couldn’t take any pictures that had the casino in it.  A much better view of the window canopy and Dining Room on that side.  The stairway leads down to the Casino and the light in the center changed colors ever so softly casting pink, purple, blue, green and yellow hues.    

Having had a wonderful lunch, we were now ready to make our way to the Spa!  C’mon girls, stay focused…..time is ticking away.  This is the indoor pool area which leads to the Spa. 
  This is the Spa hallway taken last year when I was there.  Look at the scale of the floral wallpaper with matching fabric!  And of course, the beautiful marble floor.   

Hallway that leads to The Spa

Inside the Spa Relaxation room, this refreshment area had many items to choose from for your comfort.  Refreshing citrus water, coffee, teas, fruit, and other delighful goodies.                        



          This is the beautiful chandelier in the center of the Relaxation room.                         



                    AAAAAHHHHHHH SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!                      

Standing at the side wall with the mural, this is what we looked like afterwards, all scrubbed rubbed and manicured!  What a perfect day it was!                        





Here are the actual springs themselves under this famous rotunda.  The healing sulphur waters of The Greenbrier.  Come, take of the waters and find healing for yourself and for your family.  You won’t be disappointed!