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I don’t know about you, but I love puzzles! 

 So when my husband came home one evening last fall with this box of 10 different puzzles, I was excited.  They are relaxing to do and force me to focus on those 100 pieces that are all black, clouds or green grass.  You know, those pieces that could really drive you nuts if you let them!


But this post is about a different kind of puzzle that I am working on.  I figured I’d share some of the pieces with you so that you would be the ones going nuts trying to figure out what I will do with them! 🙂



This first puzzle piece is a gorgeous silk stripe tafetta from Plumridge Silks from California.  The pattern is Malibu Jacquard Stripe in the colorway Saffron/Watermelon/Ivory.  It shimmers and shines and has such body that when you scrunch it in your hands, it keeps its shape.  It is going to look gorgeous!


This next puzzle piece comes all the way from France.  It is the Poram wrought iron curtain hanger.  Look at the way the silk curtains are draped through the branches.  Light and airy, just dreamy!



 This next piece comes all the way from India.  It was truly LOVE at first sight!  It is a beautiful  handwoven silk from Wesco Fabrics, pattern Connick/Cognac.  Notice the delicate hand knotting that forms the geometric pattern every 6″.  A true work of art! 


Another puzzle piece, this comes from France too.  It’s the Sogni Straw Marquetry holdback from famed tieback designer Remy Lemoine




This piece of the puzzle has its origins in Las Vegas.  It is from the new collection from Jackie Von Tobel, noted author and designer extraordinaire!  The pattern is Damask Stripe/Cotton Candy on a linen/cotton blend ground.  Click on her name above to go to her site to see the rest of her fabric collection.  You won’t be disappointed!



 OH, and what have we here?  Why, it looks like La Finial, custom painted to match Jackie’s fabric!  Yes, this is a plug for my custom finials I designed.  This is an excellent example showing how they can be painted to match any fabric.  These are miniature finials designed to be used with tapestry rods, sidelight windows flanking doors or any other application  and are painted to YOUR specifications.  They are available with matching hardware in wood or metal. 

 Click on La Finial above for more information.





This last but not least piece of the puzzle hails from France too like the rest of the tiebacks from Remy Lemoine.  It is a Murano glass shaped tieback with a murine and gold finish.  Sorry King Midas, this one has my heart! 

 It just so happens that I have this in my possession and I’m not letting go!  Seriously, when I was in Paris back in January, Remy allowed me to bring this as well as another one back to the States to share with my fellow clients and designer friends across America.   I exhibited them at my booth back in May at the IWCE in Atlanta.


So my dear friends, these are some pieces of a puzzle I am putting together.  The puzzle will be completed and have its debut in September.

Look for a future post of the completion.  In the meantime, dream and dream big because that’s what I do!


*NOTE:  For those of you  who know what my puzzle looks like, please keep this confidence until I spill the beans myself!  THANKS!