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This post is a result of a wonderful reunion 2 nights ago with a newly found friend in the industry.  You all remember my blogging about my trip to Paris and the Maison & Objet back in January.  We were a group of designers from all over the country meeting in Paris for what would turn out to be a life changing experience.  

And so it was on this trip that I met Sarah Youngblood, award winning window treatment designer and workroom!  This is the picture of us at E. Dehellerin where I bought my crèpe pan.  This was one of many adventures we shared that week, but was actually my most FAV! 

 Sarah was making her way up to visit her parents and stopped off to see me.  We reminisced about Paris, what’s going on in our businesses since the trip and where we’re headed. I shared a particular project that I’m working on that is throwing me way too many curves.  I don’t want to give it away as it will be a future blog post, but suffice it to say, we both came to the same conclusion on how to treat these windows.  Yes, once again I have my work cut out for me!   THANKS for your help Sarah!


And so the point of this blog post is that successful relationships are those that benefit both.  How can we help each other?








This pic was taken in Paris in a Hotel where we had a bloggers meet-up.  What a fascinating group of gals and guy!  Left to right:  We have Maryanne and Robespierre from Texas, Melanie from Provence, Sarah from Atlanta,                Jackie Von Tobel from Las Vegas, me, and Rebecca from North Carolina.  I had never met nor even heard of Maryann or Melanie but what a fun evening we had talking about design and whatever else came up.  And now I follow their blogs!  THANKS Jackie for introducing me to Maryanne, Robespierre and Melanie!  PLEASE read their blogs, I have linked to them by clicking on their names.




 This pic is of me, my roomate Octive from Florida and Remy Lemoine, famed tieback designer from Paris!  We all had a meet up in this Paris restaurant (name escapes me) and he brought a sampling of his tiebacks to show us.  I was ooohing and aaaahing at their beauty.  There will be a future post about all his goodies in the very near future when I go on vacation and have no distractions!   THANKS Remy for allowing me to bring back 2 of your most beau-ti-ful Murano tiebacks to share! 


 Fast forward to Atlanta in May at the IWCE.  Our group of gals represents the WAOA, Workroom Association of America and we all enjoyed dinner together at the Hotel.  We are workrooms from across the country and know each other through cyberspace but this was the opportunity to meet in person.  You never know what impact you have on someone as I found out when I sat next to Jill Ragan Scully.  What a dear! 

 Last year I was advertising my La Finials and a particular picture had a colorway she absolutely loved!  In her words:  “after viewing your ad in VISION which showed your pink and green draperies/finials I decided that I need to rebrand my business!  I hired a graphic designer and you can visit my website at www.impressivewindowsandinteriors.com. You are such an inspiration! :)”

WOW!  I did that for her?  Woo Hoo!  And I am thankful she shared that with me.  Sitting to my right was Susan Kostelecky who has been such a help to me in really getting the word out about my La Finials.  She had featured them in the class she taught and I had so many coming up to my booth to see my babies!  THANKS Jill and Susan! 


This is a pic of Grace McNamara and me taken at my booth in Atlanta.  I can’t thank Grace enough.  She has been invaluable to me and my endeavors and has totally committed herself to helping me as well as countless others succeed in their business.  She has helped me with my advertising, brochure layouts, and my last minute decision to have a booth this year. 

 I too helped her out with the last 5 years of donating my labor to fabricate window treatments for the Trendspot area so that area of the show could be a success!  We have helped each other out.  THANKS Grace for all you have done for me!


 THE HELSER BROTHERS!  Need I say more?  These guys and Anita have been instrumental in making me look real good.  It started out with their donation of the Artefice hardware for my vignette 2 years ago and has blossomed into a wonderful working relationship ever since.  They have helped me with those creative situations where no other hardware company makes what I need.

THANKS Jay, Mark and Anita!



 This is me and Valerie Kile from Florida.  We met last year at the IWCE in Atlanta and have kept in touch since then.  Valerie was the first to take a pair of my La Finials and show them off to her WCAA chapter!  She has been very supportive of me and this project.  In fact, the IWCE is going to be in Tampa and she has asked me if I would be interested in coming down a little early and going on some of her appointments with her consulting!  She wants to see how I approach windows.  WOW!  She wants me?  THANKS Valerie for believing in me. 

 This is Kathy Cragg and me at my booth in Atlanta.  Kathy too has been supportive of me and my endeavours.  She’s my fan from afar in California!  I didn’t realize until she posted on Facebook how excited she was to finally meet me that she was such a fan!  She follows my blog!  She even talked about me in a webinar she was giving.  She also told me how to link on WordPress!  I hope to someday help you out too. THANKS Kathy for your support. 

This is Pierre Frey and me in Philadelphia at the Croce showroom.  He came to the Philadelphia Marketplace Design Center to give a presentation about the company that has been in the family and started since 1935.  He shared historical prints from their archives some dating from the 1800’s!   It was nice to hear about the company from someone intimately involved in the day to day operations.  Their fabric line is awesome too!  I have worked with some of their fabrics and knowing the background makes it even more special! 

 While in Paris in January, I stopped in their showroom on the Rue de Mail and was so Wowed!  I posted about their window display in an earlier post.  THANKS Pierre Frey for coming to Philadelphia and sharing the story of your company!

 And last but not least, my cat Peek-a-Bou!  Isn’t she a sweety peety pie?  We have a great relationship!  THANKS peeky-weeky for putting up with your crazy mammy!

So let’s all make it our endeavour to help one another out.  Our businesses are all intertwined.