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This is another MOST exciting project I have been working on for some time now.

  By exciting, I mean challenging in design, working with gorgeous materials and using construction methods that are very couture.  But the biggest obstacle of this window is the fact that while it may look unassumingly simple to treat, the table turns when you get up close and look inside the opening.

These are the inside left and right openings.  See how the walls curve at the top of the window opening?  Hmmmm…do I do an inside mount or do I do an outside mount?  If I do an inside mount, where do I mount it so it looks flush with the opening.  If I mount it on the outside, what about the curved walls?  What kind of drapery hardware is out there that will accomodate the curve?



This is the luxurious silk taffeta from Kravet that we are using.  My client first found this fabric in the Casafiore line of draperies.  She fell in love with the fabric and after seeing it and holding it in my hand, I fell in love too because I knew exactly what it would do!  This was an exclusive silk in their line but I knew I had seen it somewhere before. 

 So after searching and searching and much time passing, I headed to the Philadelphia Marketplace Design Center for an intense search.  I didn’t find it at first though and resigned myself to the fact that I just might lose the sale of the fabric to Casafiore.  I had one more stop to make and it was the Kravet showroom.  And guess what?  There it was, on the last panel and the bottom row!  I finally found it.  My tenacity always wins me the award!  This was a true fait accompli!


The trim was found online by my client.  A nice bead trim, delicate and not overpowering but just enough to pop.  We chose the Paris Texas Somerset Collection for the hardware in the Mottled Gold finish.  It works great with the chandeliers above the table.

 I decided to do an outside mount treatment stretching the rod across the opening and extending out on either side.  We are doing  2 width wide bump interlined panels with a cuff at the top in which the beads will fall gracefully from the bottom edge.  And those brackets?  Well, another custom bracket job for Helser Brothers.  I have designed the brackets so that they follow the shape of the curve when mounted to the inside edge opening.  In fact, the boys are working on them now as I write!

We installed a motorized back slat lined roman shade in washed linen inside the opening which Del Motorization motorized for me.  I made the shade with  JF Fabrics Sydney in a beautiful golden yellow.  And with a push of a button, it purrs softly up and down.

My next post will be the finished treatment so stay tuned for the rest of the story!