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This was a really neat project that had very simple beginnings but turned out to be a little more complicated than originated.   Originally, these faux hobbled woven wood valances  were to be made by Lafayette Venetian Blind Inc to match the kitchen roman shade.  However, they were longer than the parameters set by Lafayette for valances of this nature so I thought to myself, “this can’t be that hard, do them yourself!” 

I will be showing you step by step  how I constructed them.  It turned out to be a lot more fun and easier than I anticipated too so if the situation presents itself again, I will definitely make these.

It started with me ordering the fabric from Lafayette, a woven wood measuring 8 feet by 6 feet.  I rolled it out on the table and made my cut length of 36″ the entire length as I could get 3 cuts out of the width.

 Then I took my snips and trimmed the edges off which left me with a bunch of toothpicks  and cramped hands after all the cutting was done!

To stabilize the bottom edge I used Rowley’s Fringe Adhesive and let it dry overnight.

You see my 4 shades ready with their banding and fresh glue on the bottom edge.  I was working with 3″ twill tape for the decorative banding and I folded it in half so there would be an equal amount of banding on both sides.

 This shows all sides and bottom edges glued in place and drying before I mitered the bottom corners.

 After all was dry I then marked my placement for the sheer tape to form the folds on the front side and hand stitched to both the side edges.



 These are the mounting boards I stained to match the woodwork in the bay window.  After they dried, I glued the top edge of the valance before I cut off the finished length to stabilize the top of the reeds and weave.  Then I pneumatically stapled the valance to the board.


  Here is the finished valance!  What do you think?  It’s not hard at all!