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If I weren’t afraid of heights, I’d be the one up on the ladder installing my cornice. 

 As it is though, this was one of those jobs that you couldn’t pay me enough to get that high without medication!

Even with medication, no thank you!  I’ll get up on my 7′ ladder but that is as high as I’ll go.  I guess I don’t have enough of the Indian in me (Blackfoot tribe) for this type of work.  I’ll stick to designing and sewing and let the installing for those who do it best.  Thank you Carlos and helper!


 This particular job  was for a new designer I picked up as a client.  We knew each other through the Stark Showroom in Philadelphia in which she used to manage, but has since struck out on her own.  And what a sucessful project she landed!  This happens to be just one of the rooms of the entire house we are working on together. 

 This Great Room presented a challenge for us because the clients did not want to lose the view.  However, the glare from the sun was a problem with the upper windows.  We decided that Hüper Optix Drei 35 window film was the best option for the glare and it is working  magnificently I might add.   In order to frame the windows nicely, we decided that a cornice gracefully following the shape of the arch with stationary side panels was how we would treat this window.  Since the side window is actually straight at the top and not arched, we made a faux arch to compliment the larger window.

This is but one example of a two story window and how it can be dressed out.  We used a beautiful Thibaut 100% linen fabric which  meant I had to be real careful not to wrinkle it any more than normal.  The cornice measures 192″ wide and the panels measure 222″ long!  My biggest job to date I might add.  I love a challenge and this certainly put me to the test as the cornice is in one piece, not joined together or hinged in the middle as might be a solution for logistical purposes.

And yes, I had to rent a U-haul truck to deliver it but it was all worth it!