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WHAT DOES A GIRL DO AFTER SPENDING A WEEK IN PARIS?  She goes to the SPA, that’s what she does!

And that is exactly what I did to recuperate from all the eye candy at the Maison et Objet.  Not just any SPA, mind you, but the Thalassothérapie at Roscoff in northern Brittany.  My favorite place to go as soon as I get into town.  This time was no exception either!  I met my sister in law and neice there as is custom, and we all indulged in the salt water and seaweed therapy for half a day.  Imagine a huge jacuzzi but it’s actually a swimming pool of salt water with hydro-therapy jets making you feel like you are going to bubble right out of the water.  Add to that a view unsurpassed in beauty and you have a concoction for major mental repair!

The view from the waiting area.    It was a windy day and the water was rough but still relaxing all the same.                                     









                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A A 150 M walk from the rental house in Landéda led me to the Dunes de Sainte Marguerite, a  beautiful opening by the Atlantic Ocean.  This was the only sunny day there so I timed it just right.  Another windy day in Brittany!


The cute little rental house!  

 My last dinner in France!  All the things I love to eat while there all on one plate!  We have Frites which are aperitif snacks, jambon de Paris which is the best ham, Port Salut cheese, cornichons  (french pickles that make my eyes water when I eat them), salade mixte with a moutarde vinaigrette, little pieces of bread (sorry, ate the baguette the night before) and of course, a bottle of Champagne to wash it all down.  See why I hate to leave France?