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I am sitting here still recuperating from jet lag as I got home on Tuesday so my body and brain still thinks it is close to 3:00 in the morning in France.  The older I get, the harder it is to recuperate from my European getaways.

Playing “Vanna” in front of the entrance to Hall 5B at the Maison et Objet.  This was the last day of the show that I attended and thought this would be an appropriate ending at the doorway.  I never quite made it out of Hall 5 because it was so huge and had so much that I wanted to see and was really interested in.


 This picture was taken at the Lelievre Showroom located on the Rue de Mail.  These stickers are over 20″ long and I liked how their ready-made pillows reflect an embroidery that is similar in style.  While this is new to me as far as wall decor, when I showed this picture to my niece who lives in France, she recognized them right away and it seems that “stickers” have been there for a while now.  Of course they are!



This is a gorgeous sheer at the Sahco Showroom located on the Rue de Mail too.  I love the graceful petals delicately attached to the panel.  

 How yummy!


 This cute little storefront caught our attention while walking the streets of Paris.  We had just finished our rooftop excursion on the Galeries Lafayette and were  headed toward the Showrooms participating in the Deco Off.  It beckoned to be explored so we went in and I am so glad I did.  What confection lay before us!  Everything and nothing was catching my eye and then this cute little French girl came up to me and offered me a sample of a cookie.  I willingly obliged and it was love at first bite!  I ended up walking out of there with a gorgeous tin full of raspberry filled cookies that just melted in your mouth.  Truly a highlight of my day 🙂



And then on the last night in Paris, a dear friend and his wife joined me at the Hotel for an aperitif.   His wife works at the Lelievre Showroom and she had given me a tour the day before when I was there.  Aren’t they cute?  There will be more to the story about my friend in a future post when I reveal who he is and what he does! 

My next post will be about the latter part of my trip to France in Brittany and the gorgeous coastline.  Stay tuned…….