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Only in Paris could I find a store devoted uniquely to ribbon and trim, or so I thought.  It was Monday evening on the way back to the Hotel that we saw this store located in the 1st arrondissement  and well, when you are with a group of “creatives” you just have to stop and go in.

All I can say is WOW!  What eye candy for a girl like me!  I thought I had died and gone to ribbon heaven!  All the possibilities for using these ribbons were swirling around in this head of mine and I was starting to feel like I had imbibed a little too much.

 This whole store was devoted strictly to ribbon, aisles and aisles of it.  I was surrounded and probably wouldn’t have noticed how much time could pass if it weren’t for the group I was with.  When I heard my name being called and I saw the group at the door patiently waiting on me, I knew there and then that time could pass by very quickly.  I’m sure I could spend a lot of time in there and not even know it, except maybe when it came time for dinner, as I love to eat and that would be the only thing that would distract me enough to get me out of the door! 


 Notice the different types in these pictures. We have warm and fuzzy, curly, pleated, mini pom-poms, frilly and my favorite, the elasticized just below.

These ribbons are noted for adorning the couture designs on the fashion runways, but I can also see them adorning my couture draperies too!

 As I stated in the opening, I thought this store was only in Paris but later found out that there is a store in New York City, Tokyo and Barcelona.  Guess I will just have to journey to New York which is a hop, skip and a jump for me.

Have fun looking at these pics!  Imagine what could be done with these ribbons!

Mokuba, Paris

Mokuba, New York

Mokuba, Tokyo

Mokuba, Barcelona