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While attending the Maison & Objet there was another show going on in Paris as well.  It was the Paris Deco Off and the showrooms for fabrics and trims were  opened up to the public.  As we were walking toward Galeries Lafayette to get in some shopping we discovered that we were on Rue de Mail where the high-end showrooms were and decided to take a peek while there. 

This particular display is from Pierre Frey.  Note the warm shade of tan with the cooling effect of the robin’s egg blue.  Very calming to look at, it begged to be seen in greater detail so we made our way into the showroom and discovered some gorgeous embroidered silks!

This was another display from a showroom who’s name escapes me but it too begged to be seen.  This is an interior shot of the display.  It is a stuffed peacock sitting on a divan of pillows and a gorgeous blue/tan fabric.  Note the fabric behind it detailing the peacock feathers.  The feathers were approximately 20″ tall and just gorgeous on the white background.

This display was for a wedding dress shop but look at  how gorgeous these dresses are and how well  they can cross over into couture draperies.  Note the dress on the left which totally inspires me to want to incorporate these layers of tulle into a couture drapery.  I can totally see it at the bottom of a panel and then in a mini-dose at the header. 

Here was another shop that inspired me in a different way.  This is the famed kitchen supply store in Paris and I just had to stop!  Since I beat the living daylights out of my crèpe pan for the past 16 years, (just ask my friends who eat my crèpes), I found the dream crèpe pan and just had to buy it!  While checking out, I looked up and saw a picture of Julia Child using a copper pan from this store!  Another way to express my artitstic nature, cooking is a pleasure for me.  Just like I need to have the right equipment to make my couture draperies, I need to have the right equipment to create fabulous meals.