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The first day of the show was fantastique!  We all took  the Metro, which for me, was the first time ever since I’ve been in Paris.  I am a taxi girl personally, so this was quite an experience for me when on the way back from the show, there was a bomb threat  at the Gare du Nord and all trains were stopped so the station could be evacuated and the suitcase in question dealt with.  We were sardines on the train to begin with and standing room only.  Not good when you are tired, hungry, sore feet, and oh,did I mention tired?  Anyone who knows me well knows that the combination of fatigue and hunger are the warning signs that I will turn into a “beasty-girl” if not taken care of asap.  So after being stranded for an hour and a half, we finally made our way back to the hotel and then onto dinner.


 Thanks to Deb and Susan, we had a meet-up at the Dedar booth, an Italian fabric company with luscious fabrics.  This particular fabric was a flocked fabric with the flocking only on certain parts of the pattern, creating an interesting visual effect.  Imagine this on a headboard or an upholstered wall!  Yummy!  We were shown more samples and given a goodie bag with info on their product line.  One of the fabrics shown, had a vertical repeat of 126″!  Definitely for long panels.

Another fabric shown was the most yummy for me because of the finished edge.  Note the tiny pleats that fell into a graceful ruffle hem.  This is how the fabric comes so I was envisioning using this fabric as an overlay on a solid panel gracefully tied back to reveal the under panel.   Sound good? 

I found an interesting furniture line from another Italian company called Castagnetti & C.  I spoke with the designer who has these  pieces hand painted with  a white base and french words.  I apologize for the quality of this photo because it is the postcard from his booth.  We are not allowed to take pictures  on the show floor.


It was an Italian kind of day yesterday now that I think about it because I also found a fantastic line of drapery hardware from Casa Valentina.  Their hardware is very modern.  One of their lines is stainless steel hardware with lighting under the rod!  How cool is that!  Again, I couldn’t take pictures so check out their website at www.casavalentina.it to see all the cool things they offer.                                                           

So all in all, it was a great day.  I even ate at an Italian restaurant last night too!