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Pete BallardOnce in a lifetime you meet someone who touches you and this post is dedicated to my buddy Pete.  I was introduced to Pete years ago at the urging of my cousin.  You see, Pete is a one-of-a-kind artist, a true eccentric, living in a small town  in West Virginia that truly has no idea what they have in their midst.  My cousin has a restaurant and he frequents her place religiously.  I was visiting her one time and she said, “Tammi, you have got to meet Pete.  You speak his language.  I have no idea what he is even talking about but you are the girl for him!”  And that was my introduction to Pete.

Pete is a fascinating person to speak to.  I just sit there and listen to his every word because he has truly been there and done it!  And yes, I do speak his language.  The language of art, beauty in fabric, how to manipulate fabric and make it do what you want, the ability to create a masterpiece…yes, it goes on and on…….we get so excited about what we do and love to talk about it!   We share magazine articles with each other that we’ve been published in and boy does the time fly!

I would give Pete silk scraps that were leftover from jobs I had over the years because I knew he was working on a collection of Ladies Fashion Dolls.  He makes these dolls which are unbelievable and true to the period.  You can read more about these dolls at http://www.wvculture.org/agency/press/ballard.html because he exhibits them at museums.The Tammi Doll

                                                     To my surprise, he had begun working on a doll using the leftovers from one of my jobs.  When he was finished, he ended up naming it  after me and this is the doll.  What a priviledge to be named as one of Pete Balllard’s dolls!  This doll is currently housed in the North House Museum in Lewisburg, WV and I had the pleasure of seeing her in person this past week while on vacation.


 Here are 2 more examples of dolls he has made.

 Hat DollFashion Dolls



Pete was given the Distinguished West Virginian Award awhile back too for his accomplishments in the arts and to read more about him, this article was published at  http://www.wvculture.org/arts/Artworks/artworksfall06.pdf

Happy Reading! Enjoy the gifts in people you surround yourself with!