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This post is  a result of a wonderful dinner I had with some dear friends last night.  You see, my dear friend Shell has been conquering her battle with breast cancer.  It came up in conversation that she started a blog about her experience and I thought what a wonderful idea!  And then I thought…..Wow. how vain of me to write about fluffy, frilly, eye popping  couture draperies while she is blogging about her ordeal.  Her goal being that of educating others who will be going through the same thing as she is and hoping that she will be able to help someone in need.  This is her PASSION.  Helping others comes naturally to her.

And then it came to me that each and every one of us is passionate about something.  Hers is helping others, mine is couture draperies.  So both of us are following our PASSION, each helping others to see things they quite possibly would never see if not given the opportunity such as blogging and to truly appreciate what we have.  I checked out her blog this afternoon and I am sooooo touched because hers is a much greater cause than mine.  I encourage everyone to follow it (I added it to my blogroll as breast cancer diary)  because even if you don’t have breast cancer, you know of someone who does or did.

I have been touched by breast cancer personally.  2 of my great aunts had it and now my favorite aunt has it and I am having problems.  We never know how we touch people’s lives,  so……what’s YOUR PASSION?   share it with others and put a bright spot in their day!