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Jaclyn Smith and myself 

As a teenager, my best friend and I used to pretend we were Charlie’s Angels.  Yes, I am dating myself here, but she was always Jaclyn Smith and I tried (albeitly unfortunately) to be Farrah and have “the hair”.  I had the blonde hair and Darla had the brown so it was just natural who we would be.  Fast forward 28 years to the present and that is the subject of my post today.

I was given the opportunity in addition with Deb Barrett, to create a window treatment for the IWCE in Atlanta this year, using the fabrics from Jaclyn’s new collection from Trend Fabrics.  We were shipped 3 different fabrics and left to our imagination to come up with something.  What an opportunity.  I almost felt like I was on Project Runway!  Woo Hoo! 

So, unbeknownst to me, Deb was thinking about the very same Paris Runway show that I was thinking about.  I had torn out a picture from my Paris Matchhusband’s Paris Match because this collection was so awesome!  I couldn’t toss this one in the garbage!  Deb had a picture too of another dress, same style.  She emailed me the picture and turned her computer off, while I emailed her the picture from the magazine and turned my puter off for the night.





Jaclyn Smith Collection Trend FabricsThis is what we came up with after being inspired by the wired skirt.

We used the blue velvet fabric for the stationary tacked shade and the ruffled header at the top of the board.  The blue and white print fabric was used as  the inner skirt lining and band at top of board to mimic a belt cinching the waist.  The cream ribbon appliqued linen was  used for the outer body of the skirt.  A bead trim was also provided so we placed that at the bottom of the shade and hand sewn at random under the pleats of the shade.


*Note to self for future:  Need more fabric for the bottom skirt and we can’t go a full 360 degrees!  But the thermostat wire worked out great!  Thanks to Home Depot for that one.  Who would’ve thought that wiring from Home Depot would be incorporated into a couture window fashion?