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For those of you who read my blog, I am giving you a sneak preview of a creation of mine that I have been working on for almost 2 years now.  Yes, 2 years.  It is one of those projects that was hot and heavy in the beginning and had me really excited!  I was creating this and trying to keep up with business at the same time and guess who won out at times?  You guessed it!  My paying clients, not me!





 But that’s in the past now and these babies are ready to explode onto the creativity scene!  My web designer is working her little heart out adding these to my site for purchase  and I think Etsy will be another avenue for exposure.  

How do you use them you might ask?  How about this? Perfect for hiding things behind, this padded desk screen is not only beautiful but functional.  Two for one!


Please share your thoughts with me, as some who read my blog seem to be shy in the comment area.  I promise I won’t BITE! 🙂