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Today is EARTH DAY and Oprah had some good things on her show.  Reminded me of the organic fabrics I have here in my collection that I am just chomping at the bit to use for a client, any client!  Do I have any takers?  And then….as I’m sitting here pushing all sorts of papers around my desk trying to organize and clear them off, a thunderstorm rolled through here and reminded me of the storm I weathered several weeks ago. 

I was installing a valance for a local bed and breakfast, Twin Pine Manor B & B, when a horrible storm came through.  I didn’t know  until it was too late that there was a tornado warning given about half an hour before I left for this install.  So, I get to the house and the wind is whipping like mad, the sky is intimidating all black and ugly, but a neat shade of green was interspersed in those menacing clouds.  And then the hail came, and wind, and then more hail, more wind and then the freight train came.  I ran to the basement with the caretakers  to ride out the storm.

When the silence returned, we came up to find damage to the house.  Of course,  the first thing I check are my draperies throughout the whole house and the last room I checked was the dining room.  It  had the broken windows with water dripping in.  I picked my drapery up from the floor and out of the puddle of water that had accumulated during the storm.  Fortunately that was all that was damaged. 


twin-pine-006This is the Dining Room.   There are 4 walls of windows.  It was the left side (# 1)that had the damage from the hail.  The windows in this picture represent #2 and #3 with a little of #4 at the far right.




This valance is what I was installing when the tornado came through.  I initially hid in the closet, but chose to seek a better hiding place when the train approached!  Amazing what a thunderstorm will recall in the recesses of my mind.   I will never look at a thunderstorm the same way. 

 So happy Earth Day everyone!  Let’s vow to take better care of our home and be better stewards of it by the choices we make, starting with the fabrics we surround ourselves with.  Organic draperies?  You bet!