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 Well, did you guess right?  Can you find the horn in the picture?  Did I surprise you or did you have me all figured out?  For  those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about,  you need to scroll down a couple posts to see how I started this project.  For the rest, this next picture is the inspiration I found to create this Olde English Banner Treatment.


You see, my client is British and has this colorful old map of London.  When I was looking very closely at the map, I saw a man with a trumpet, you know, the kind that heralds that royalty is about to approach.  And the fabric that my client chose had vignettes of Elizabethan scenes throughout which also had my creativity brewing.  And I’m wondering to myself,  where in the world am I going to get a horn so I can cut it apart and make the drapery rod look like it is actually a trumpet heralding the presence of someone great in the room?  By the way, that someone great is my client since it’s her office!

I searched at craft stores but to no avail.  Then one day I was in my husband’s special room and guess what I saw hanging on the wall?  You got it!  The horn! I got his permission to use it and it was happy creating from that time on.  Each banner has cording all around the edges and brass grommets.  Then I strung cording through the grommets to hang it from the rod.  At the horn end, I took a chair tie and wrapped it around a couple times until the tassels were staggered, and voila!  I LOVE IT!

Tell me what you think!  I love feedback!