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Everyone is touting that they are “GREEN” these days and quite frankly, it’s a little overused.  That term is known as “greenwashing” and it really takes away from those companies that truly are “green” in what they produce and how they produce it.  I have had the opportunity to meet the gals from O Eco Textiles and they are the real deal.  I know, I know,  you probably think I’m doing an advertisement for them but I’m not.  When I meet people and get to know their products and what they stand for, I support them 100%.  It’s important these days to be true not only to ourself, but to those we can help along the way, those  who are making it better for us in the long run.  Integrity is very important to me and when I read up on how they got their business started, how they conduct business and who they conduct business with, I was very impressed and so moved that I feel I have to let everyone know. 

 As a drapery workroom, I work with all types of fabrics from all over the world.  I am immersed in them,  touching them, breathing  them, feeling them.  Fabrics that come into my workroom have all sorts of finishes applied to them to make them waterproof, soil resistant, knit backed for upholstery, laminated….etc.  We are creatures of comfort and we all want ease of cleaning, ease for this and ease for that.

However, have we really thought about the processes involved in our “wants”?  What about the glue that is used to adhere the knit backing to that gorgeous silk we so desperately have to have on that fauteuil of ours?  What about all those finishes and chemicals needed so we can clean up those spills when an accident happens?  What are the processes that the fabrics go through time and again, washings and rinsings so we can have our ease?  Something to think about…………..More importantly, what about our health and what is it really doing to us?

I will be expounding more on this subject and would love to hear your comments about the “green revolution” that has been taking place for some time now.  In the meantime, please go to my “Cool Things” section on the right and check out this company.  Times are tough for all of us right now, so let’s support one another and let’s start by making healthy choices, not just in what we eat, but what we surround ourselves with!