loft-lr-0041This is the arched rod that Helser Brothers made for this project.  I have it laying on the template so I can decide how far down I want the panel to hang from the rod and make the pattern for the 15″ long  arched shaped header with the red pleat insets.





These are the pattern pieces for the arch header.  Note the spaces between them which will be the red contrast used for the pleat.  I added seam allowances on the blue sections so that when the red sections were sewn to it, it pleated up to the width of the bottom half of the panel.





The blue shaped pieces sewn to the red straight pieces.  The red pieces are straight because when pleated up, they  connect the blue sections together which form the shape of the arch.




This is the backside of the panel showing the top header sewn to the bottom panel section.  Side hems were done after 2 pieces were sewn together.  Note  angle at top of picture starts higher and  ends at a  longer point.  The shorter side is the leading edge  and the longer side is the return.




This is the finished left side panel pleated up on the table.  There are tacks at the top and bottom of the pleat as well as 2 more centered in the length.  The rings are hand sewn and there are pewter finish buttons at the bottom of the pleat.  You can see the shape of the panel starting lower on the return edge and going higher to the leading edge to match the arch  of the rod and brick.