arched panel

As discussed in the previous posts about this job, this is the end result.  In Part One, I discussed how I could not mount the brackets into the brick.  See next photo showing the brackets that were specially made for this application.  From a design perspective, I had to listen to what my client wanted.  She is very avant-garde in her taste and artistic in nature and I love that about her.  She has always allowed me to be as creative as I wanted.  However, I went into this project with a definite direction,  but when she saw this fabric from Maxwell Fabrics Inc., she had to have it.  My dilemna was how to use it and what colors could tie all her artwork, furnishings and cobalt glass collection together and still look good on brick!

So I looked real hard at all her artwork and decided that the Salvador Dali print was what we should work with.  Salvador placed a beautiful red rose in the center of the artwork and there were streaks of this blue that he used in conjunction with browns.   Having been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art several years ago when his works were being featured,  I knew this should be fun!  This was how we came to the conclusion that these two colors were what we should design around. 

Having the blinds for privacy, there was no need for a functioning treatment.  Its only function was to look fantastic and contemporary and make Salvador look good.  I knew I wanted to work with the shape of the arched brick, highlighting that architectural detail.  I also needed to incorporate a silver or pewter finish on the hardware to match the stainless steel appliances  in the open kitchen and lighting fixtures.  The restriction was also placed on me that when they wanted to leave this condo, these treatments had to be able to be retrofitted for the next place.  The 125″ length will allow me to do just that when the time comes. 

custom brackets


These are the brackets that allow the rod to sit above the brick arch and still enable the blinds to be installed from the same holes. This bracket is invisible because the panels hang in front of them.  The end result is that my client loves these panels!  They are a work of art, she says!   There are 4 windows in this room, this photo represents the lone window on the wall and adjacent to this wall are 3 windows.  The room is bathed in a blue beauty and the buttons at the bottom of the pleat sparkle in the light.  It truly is a sight to see!