loft-windowThis latest project of mine started with a phone call back in late November, early December.  The client was moving into a condo in a historic building here in Lancaster and it was a top floor corner unit.  The beauty was that the walls were all brick but that was also the horror.  There was a restriction placed by management that nothing could be mounted into the brick walls!  How in the world do you mount custom couture draperies on a rod without drilling into the brick?  That was my dilemna.

After much brainstorming and putting out a question on the WFCP Facebook group as to how one might go about approaching this, I came up with the idea to make custom brackets that would mount behind the brackets that were used for inside mount faux wood blinds.  Problem solved.  Now, who would be willing to actually create these puppies for me?  None other than Helser Bros Hardware.  They make gorgeous custom wrought iron drapery hardware and I knew they were the ones to contact for this project.  Check out their blog on this project under my Blogroll. 

In Part Two I will discuss the actual treatment I designed along with pictures.  Stay tuned……….